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Uncovering Spire and ZenRepublic, two prolific Grizzlyton projects blazing a trail.
Stockpile Superstars
Originally Posted On: March 22nd, 2023

Welcome to this week's Stockpile Superstars, where we cover the best ecosystem projects you may not have heard of. This week, we have two super interesting projects to cover! Let's get right into it:


A hub for Web3 gaming and entertainment. The mission of ZenRepublic is a very honorable one: decouple communities from gambling and ponzis, and build fun white-label games. Communities can create NFT clubs, plugging in their branding and ethos, ultimately creating their own native experience for their holders. The goal in this is to enrich the culture of the community, and create extra utility with much less overhead. Their flagship title, Swipstars, is a competitive 1v1 tabletop eSports game, where users hold customizable Swips that can battle in an arena. Games like these are a great option for communities that lack a warchest to build games in-house.

Beyond this, ZenRepublic is its own thriving gamified ecosystem. The project as a whole aims to be a hub for evangelists and forward-thinkers, using VR and NFTs to innovate and create quality immersive content. If you're a gaming enthusiast, or NFT project owner, this project is definitely worth a deep look!


A viewpoint above Solana data. Spire powers open, community-inspired on-chain insights and data analytics. The platform leverages Flipside, Helius, and SolanaFM to bring an in-depth and granular data source. While only being in beta, they offer complete dashboards for popular programs, NFT royalties, $BONK, and xNFT/Backpack data. In addition, they also provide a Whale Watcher, where users can track large transfers, swaps, and NFT purchases denominated in SOL and USD. All of their data used for insights and analysis is also available to be exported as a CSV file.

In the project's short history, they've won 1st Place in Sandstorm's Analytics Track, 2nd Place in Sandstorm's Helius NFTs Track, and 2nd Place in Magic Eden's Creator Monetization Hackathon! If you're a data nerd like me, or interested in measuring ecosystem activity, this project certainly warrants a follow!

That's it for this week! On a side note, for the first time in the short history of this series, both of these projects are listed on Stockpile! Please consider supporting the continued development of these amazing projects: