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Digital Comics & Tokenized Real Estate

Covering dReader and HomebaseDAO in this issue of Stockpile Superstars.
Stockpile Superstars
Originally Posted On: April 7th, 2023

Welcome to this week's Stockpile Superstars, where we cover the best ecosystem projects you may not have heard of. We're back to highlight two more projects that we believe deserve more recognition. Let's get right into it!


The digital comic revolution. dReader is a platform for discovering, trading, collecting, and self-publishing digital comics, built on top of Solana. They address the need for decentralized comic content creation, distribution, and consumption, providing users a solution that empowers both creators and readers by using blockchain technology to ensure secure ownership and transfer of digital content. This eliminates unnecessary intermediaries, providing greater control and financial benefits for creators and a wider selection of comics for readers. A platform like this is a great leap forward for creators who are traditionally underserved in the Web3 space, giving them the ability to take control of their creations by setting their own pricing, setting enforceable royalties, and facilitating open self-publishing.

With a comic industry that's currently dominated by centralized platforms and publishers that can dictate terms, limit creators' control over their work, and restrict access for readers, we see a lot of potential in dReader as a mainstream solution for both creators and consumers. We're not the only ones who feel this way, as they won 3rd place in the Grizzlython Mobile track!


Real Estate Reimagined. Homebase is a platform that redefines how communities buy, sell and own real estate. They democratize access to real estate investing by leveraging Solana and fractionalized NFTs to conduct an open marketplace where users can invest in properties for as little as $100. They were recently featured in Blockworks for wrapping up the tokenization of their first property, a home in Texas valued at $235,000. With a long compliance process, Homebase was able to facilitate a raise for the property from 38 total investors, a majority non-accredited, a huge win for inclusion in RE.

We're glad to see a startup beginning to popularize investments in tokenized real-world assets. We reckon there will be many more innovations coming from Homebase on this front.

That's it for this week! Consider checking out these projects on Twitter!