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Stockpile in April - A Retrospective

Looking back on our updates, partnerships, and developments that materialized in the month of April.
Originally Posted On: May 2nd, 2023

April showers, bring May flowers.

It's been an eventful April for the Solana ecosystem. With the month closed, we'd like to give a quick retrospective on what Stockpile has accomplished this month!

Starting off, "whirlpool rebalanc00r" took the throne as the #1 fundraiser on Stockpile. The innovative tool built by the one and only STACCOverflow quickly gained popularity from DeFi supporters. It aims to solve the issue of Impermanent Loss, enabling people to have non-custodial, hands-off control over their Orca Whirlpool positions. WR could theoretically work on any chain, however prohibitive fees make it far less feasible. Only possible on Solana.

Next up, we co-sponsored an "Intro to Solana" mini-lecture, given by the Clemson Blockchain Club. This lecture gave a brief overview of Solana, while educating the audience on some of the key projects and initiatives in the ecosystem. Additionally, it encouraged students to get involved with Solana University.

Moving on to internal improvements: we implemented user profiles and badges! You can now view any user's account, and check out the fundraisers they've deployed, along with badges they've earned. Users can earn badges by executing actions on Stockpile, like making contributions, creating fundraisers, and more! In addition, we've airdropped a special Early Adopter badge to our first users. These badges will play a larger role in introducing elements of gamification, and expanding our current reputation system to include user specific inputs. Stay tuned for more on this!

Lastly, we were accepted into the first Solana University Accelerator batch! With the support of the Solana Foundation, and their university team, we'll be continuing to build the best crowdfunding experience available! More specifically, we'll focus on integrating social functionality, building an decentralized open grant application system, and various tools, in addition to other goals outlined above. We're beyond excited to get started!

That wraps up our roundup for April. It was a strong month for us externally, and we're looking forward to making major waves in May! As a team, we are extremely grateful to be building in such a dynamic and thriving ecosystem.

Stay tuned for more updates on our Twitter, as well as our weekly Stockpile Superstars ecosystem highlight.