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The Future of Solana DeFi & eSports

Looking into Root & Syberais eSports, two projects making waves in Solana.
Stockpile Superstars
Originally Posted On: March 29th, 2023

Welcome to this week's Stockpile Superstars, where we cover the best ecosystem projects you may not have heard of. Last week, we covered two awesome projects blazing a trail in gaming and data analytics. This week, we're keeping with similar topics, with a DeFi and gaming project respectively. Let's dive right in!

Root Protocol

The most flexible AMM for LPs. Root is a DeFi protocol the allows you to deploy any market making strategy or curve, and earn the best yield for your crypto assets. They describe it as "market making on steroids", providing a flexible and programmable DeFi experience. Their innovative AMM features built in limit orders, MEV protection, dynamic fees, and slippage control to create a high-quality experience for traders. On the developer side, Root's primitive is fully composable for ease of integration into other apps looking to leverage their infrastructure.

With a highly capable team, and a hackathon award under their belt, we believe Root will be one of the catalysts for the next generation of Solana DeFi. Stay tuned for more updates from a protocol that keeps on getting better!

Syberais eSports

A Web3-centric eSports collective. Syberais is a web3 oriented esports platform & organization with three main goals. Curate a prosperous eSports platform with accessibility via browser/desktop/mobile, form one of the first decentralized esports organizations by the utilization of a three party DAO structure, and the onboard web2 gamers to crypto through thorough educational courses & guides. Ultimately, they aim to lay the groundwork for Solana powered eSports, and cultivate a sprawling an helpful community dedicated to it.

Blockchain-based gaming is a fast growing segment of the larger gaming industry. Syberais is blazing a trail for Solana-based decentralized gaming infrastructure, and we hope to see other projects follow their lead. If you're a competitive gamer, involved or interested in the future of eSports, this project is certainly one to follow!

That's it for this week! Keeping with the precedent of last week, we've attached links to support these projects if they are listed on Stockpile. In the case they are not, we'll attach their Twitter. Consider supporting these projects!