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The Future of Solana DeFi: Part Two

Taking another look at transformative DeFi protocols, setting the stage for Solana's comeback.
Stockpile Superstars
Originally Posted On: April 27th, 2023

GM everyone! We're back with Stockpile Superstars, a roundup of the best ecosystem projects you may not have heard of.

If you're a fan of DeFi, then this issue will be right up your alley! We'll be covering two projects across the Solana DeFi landscape that deserve some more attention. Solana has seen a major downturn in DeFi activity since the FTX fiasco, but projects like these are the reason the comeback will be greater than the setback. Get your coffee, pop-tarts, or whatever you enjoy reading with, and let's dive right in!


One Stop Shop for Solana DeFi. Decentralized Finance can be extremely overwhelming, and many users tend to stick to the basics, such as buying and holding tokens or NFTs. However, this limits their potential gains. Additionally, it's challenging to follow the latest developments in the DeFi space, in turn leaving many novice users needing to catch up with the innovations and trends. CompactDeFi solves these problems by providing a central location for Solana users to access and utilize various blockchain use cases. Whether that be monitoring wallet balances, managing assets such as fungible tokens or NFTs, accessing lending and borrowing platforms, and staking and earning rewards. CompactDeFi offers a seamless environment for users of all experience levels to fully embrace and take advantage of the opportunities available within the ecosystem.

While DeFi stands for "Decentralized Finance," another way to look at it is "Democratized Finance," which better characterizes what it is supposed to be. CompactDeFi is a step forward in making this a reality for all, not just the experienced power users. The project is managed by Avaulto, a validator on the Solana network that doubles to provide services like CompactDeFi. Check out the project, and stake some SOL with them!


Decentralized Perps for U.S. Real Estate. Earlier in the month, we took a look at Homebase, a project working with tokenized real estate. Parcl similarly solves the problem of accessibility in the U.S. real estate markets but with a twist. They offer perpetuals contracts on localized RE markets based on indexes for cities. This is in contrast to the Homebase method of tokenizing single properties. Parcl provides the ability to go long or short on these city real estate indexes and get up to 10x leverage on your positions. In addition, there are no minimums, meaning a user can start trading with as little as $1. Other significant aspects of the platform are education and gamification. Their blog has many informative articles on real estate market updates, blockchain basics, and financial engineering, helping unacquainted users understand what's happening. They also run contests like the "Real Estate Royale," where traders can compete to earn the best returns and earn prizes like USDC and commemorative badges.

Parcl is a great all-around platform for investors looking to get decentralized exposure to the most stable and well-funded asset class in the U.S. They have something for everyone, novices and power-users alike. If you're looking to diversify your DeFi portfolio, they're certainly worth a look!

and that's it for this week! We encourage you to consider trying out these platforms, and take advantage of the next-generation of Solana DeFi! Projects like these two are setting the stage for a legendary comeback in the ecosystem. Additionally, consider giving them a follow on Twitter to stay on top of their latest updates.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for next week's issue!