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The Pursuit of Community & Knowledge

Featuring xAndria, Degender & Portal Payments in this issue of Stockpile Superstars.
Stockpile Superstars
Originally Posted On: April 20th, 2023

After a week off, we're back with Stockpile Superstars, a roundup of the best ecosystem projects you may not have heard of. Today is a special issue.

We're excited to announce that in addition to Solarplex, we will be posting longer versions of Stockpile Superstars, covering more projects on our blog!

With that out of the way, let's get into the roundup!


Solana's library of knowledge. xAndria is a decentralized, community-driven education resource. They provide a gamified experience that incentivizes users to share knowledge and learn more about Solana. This is ultimately achieved through a few different methods:

1) Ecosystem Forums The forums house community questions and requests. Think of this as similar to an on-chain implementation of Stack Exchange. This serves as a place for users to earn reputation for engaging with topics, and earn bounties for top content.

2) Dynamic Profiles This section is where a user's contributions are tracked. These are interactive profiles that follow not only contributions, but overall reputation and bounties earned. Additionally, they incorporate this into a platform wide leaderboard.

3) The Library The team aims to make this the crux of educational resources, and an open-source knowledge-base, fully on-chain. This is where the community-driven aspect of the platform shines.

With Solana seemingly lacking on abundant educational resources, especially compared to Ethereum, this is a breath of fresh air. The added incentives to open-source knowledge, with verifiable contributions, make xAndria a project to watch over the next few months!


Find Your Tribe. Degender is a Web3 social network that connects you with great communities, and unlocks the power of networking. Its main objective is to connect people with similar interests and facilitate collaboration regardless of the chain they belong to. Your NFTs and interest serve as a gateway to making this a possibility. For the user, this means connecting your NFTs, inputting your interests, and finding other like-minded people through a Tinder style interface. The current version also has it own DM functionality, with full groups on the way.

While they are currently in the beta stage, Degender has the potential to energize existing communities and create new ones. Their current version is akin to Tinder and Linkedin for Web3 communities, and there a lot planned for the future.

Portal Payments

The crypto venmo, built for everyone. Portal is a payments platform looking to combine the smooth UX of Venmo with the speed and security of Solana. A key feature of their solution is on-chain recovery via memorable recovery tokens, rather than seed phrases. This is a key innovation, and one of the larger steps toward onboarding non-crypto users. Additionally, they support every major name service on Solana, with .sol, .poor, .glow, .backpack, .abc, and .bonk, with verification tokens so you don't get tripped up by misleading wallet names. The last, and probably most important feature is them being USDC native, which is crucial in the familiarity aspect when it comes to onboarding non-crypto users.

All in all, Portal Payments provides everything you need for a high-performance, adoptable crypto payments system. As a cherry on top, they're open-source! For a project with this many valuable innovations, it's amazing to see.

With that, we've finished this week's issue. If you've read this far, we hope you've enjoyed this format. From now on we will look to cover two projects on Solarplex, with an additional project on here. To those looking for longer-form versions, you're in the right place. Additionally, stay tuned for some exclusive articles diving into other topics we'd like to cover. Lastly, please consider supporting these projects on their socials!